ITC's New Logo!

Our logo is changing…


The story of our logo is as old as we are. In 1981, Faith LeBaron and Lesley Hill sat on tiny chairs in the middle of an empty room at St Matthew’s Methodist Church and birthed a center-based program for infants and toddlers that eventually grew into our school as we know it today. Our original logo projected 2 very young children in silhouette: It was simple, classic and reflected our reverence for the age and stage of development that we served.  It had a warm, family feel that reflected our commitment to family-centered practices.


Years past and our school added two’s, then three’s, and then 4’s and 5’s. Afterschool care soon followed and we had clearly outgrown our logo. Shortly after moving the school to our current location we went through branding exercises with a consultant and the next logo was born. It captured our commitment to play-based learning, as reflected in the bright, playful letters capped in sunshine. It served us well for many years…

In 2017, we started to question our image in the public domain and what message our logo contributed. Certainly we still had a wonderful reputation and our cheerful letters were easily recognizable, but did they tell anyone anything about us anymore? Thus began a year of exploration and self-reflection, involving teachers, parents and the board. We played with images, ideas and words and eventually shared all of our collective thoughts with an image consultant. She played around with the essence of ITC that we had portrayed and came up with our new logo almost seamlessly.

What I love about our new logo is its ties to the past. The silhouette has returned, demonstrating our reverence both for childhood and children’s innate curiosity. The leaf reinforces our commitment to a natural childhood and our connection to the world outside our walls. The butterfly symbolizes beauty and wonder---and that childhood should be filled with both. Our tag line, Childhood lives here, is a promise to children and families that we will retain our values despite a societal push to make children grow up too fast. It is simple, but it is also a powerful, unwavering declaration.

I hope you enjoy our new logo as much as I do, and make your own stories and connections to the messages that live in its depths. You’ll be seeing a lot of it so you’ll have lots of practice!