To honor our former director's commitment to ongoing teacher learning, the Susan B. Twombly fund was established in 2015 to support teachers in carrying out special projects and/or classroom research. Teachers submit a proposal, describing the project, their interest and commitment to the project, and how their work will benefit the ITC community. Awards are made on an annual basis.

This Grant is funded by donations from our community and alumni members.  Your contributions make it possible for our teachers to pursue their interests and questions related to teaching and learning processes. Their projects, in turn, allow the entire ITC community to grow (in the case of the community garden both literally and figuratively). You can contribute to this fund by clicking the Donate button. All contribution amounts are welcome. 


Seetha Gopalsamy, Debi Patuto

The Community Gardens were established to extend the connection with food from seed to consumption. These on-site gardens are planted and tended by each of ITC's 10 classrooms. 

Sonny Apodoca

Sonny has received a grant to support her Schoolwide Documentation Project. Funds will be used to purchase two high-quality digital cameras to be shared by the ITC teachers. In her application, Sonny describes how a zoom lens will allow teachers to capture classroom moments without disrupting them. She wonders if this technology will inspire teachers "to become more intentional about the picture we are taking...with the purpose of capturing moments" to share with parents. Read more from Sonny's own words here.

Vivian Ricketts

Vivian received a grant for her proposal, The Importance of Outdoor Play: Research and Training to Support Our Program. With grant funds, Viv will attend Reaching Nature Connection: East Coast Outdoor Conference for Early Childhood Educators. Her application describes how the conference will offer "tools to deepen my understanding of the benefits" of time in nature so that she can "better support the overall program". Read more from Viv's own words here.