Enrollment is on a yearly basis, beginning in September. Our application process opens in the early part of each year. Offers for enrollment for the following September are made starting the previous February.

Although the vast majority of openings occur in September, applications are accepted continuously. If we do not have an opening, we will place your child’s name on a waiting list in case an opening becomes available at some time during the year. 

The first step in enrolling is to schedule a tour to view our programs in action and to meet the Director or Assistant Director. After your tour, if you are interested in enrolling your child,  fill out an application and submit a $35 application fee. Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you regarding available space.

Please call 978-263-2064 or contact us at to arrange for a tour.

ITC is open weekdays from 7:45am - 6:00pm and offers full- and part-time care for children from 3 months through 8 years of age. 

2019-2020 Enrollment Application Form


"The overall impression we got (of ITC) was one of a calm, caring and respectful place where the needs of the children come first. The thought of placing our as yet unborn child in a facility with people we don't know has been an overwhelming one, but after meeting with you, we both felt a sense of relief that it is something we could comfortably do at ITC."
— Prospective parent

"I grew up with a stay-at-home mom, and wasn't sure I'd be able to send my kids away for the day while I went to work. I have never wondered if ITC was the right decision—I am only and constantly blown away by the atmosphere, the activities, and the teachers."
— Parent, Infant and Toddler

"I always tell people that I love that so much of what happens at ITC happens with intentionality. Activities are done for a reason and they make sense after the previous activity. Ideas and skills that children are already familiar with are integrated with new tools and perspectives. I am amazed at the connections my daughter makes about the world around her and I attribute a lot of that to her time at ITC."
— Parent, Infant and Toddler

"From the very first day at ITC, we have felt the care of the teachers, who make ITC so unique. I remember the first day last September and the welcoming words and gentle nature of the teachers as they greeted each new family, and sat and talked with us individually. I knew right away this was the right place for our son, and for us as parents. Throughout the year, I have felt so grateful to have his teachers as partners at such an important time in his life."
— Parent, Preschool 1

"What stands out to me is the friendliness of the teachers and how each of my child's teachers brings a unique set of skills to the room that allow the kids to learn from each of them in different ways. They really pay attention to what each and every child is doing and use this to help them grow and get more out of the individual activity... and maximize their learning. The teachers really enjoy what they do and are committed to creating a safe environment where children can explore and learn."
— Parent, Infant and Toddler

"I'm most grateful to the staff for getting to know my daughter as an individual. The fact that each of her teachers can say “she seemed a little off today” or comment on the way she is in music class, or how things are going for her socially tells me that they get her and care about her on a meaningful level. They are significant adults in her life, and if they didn't demonstrate by their words and actions—to her—that she matters, I think that would affect her deeply. Any caretaker can go through the motions but ITC teachers do a better job of letting kids know they matter in the room. As the kids develop socially, emotionally etc., I think it's hugely important that the teachers help the kids feel that they own a place in the classroom community."
— Parent, Preschool 2