At ITC, we know that our staff is our greatest asset.

Over half of our educators have worked with us for more than 10 years, and our annual attrition averages 1-2% (compared to a 30% annual average for early childcare). We offer among the area’s highest non-profit childcare salaries and benefits, and encourage staff to take advantage of a variety of continuing education opportunities. 

“There is universal kindness, respect, and flexibility from each and every teacher and staff member.”

— Parent, Preschool I

ITC works to promote a dialogue with other early childhood educators and has created a learning community for early childhood educators. We actively participate in our local early childhood council and are the lead agency for the Community Partnership project (CPC) which sponsors training for early childhood teachers. Whether by joining our staff, attending one of our annual conferences, or an evening CPC workshop, we invite you to become part of the ITC community.





Our Fifth Annual Infant Toddler Workshop Series: 

What’s Really Happening in Children’s Play? 

For teachers of children from birth to three years old. Held monthly from November 2017 - May 2018.

This year’s series will focus on creating meaningful, responsive curriculum for infants and toddlers.  As teachers, we often look to external inspirations for new and fun ideas to bring back to our classrooms and that can be rich and meaningful.  But what if we take a step back and ask, what do infants and toddlers really need?  Together we will delve into how we as teachers impact the work of children; whether it may be our environment, expectations, materials offered or time and space for children to engage in their own learning.   Join us in discovering what is really going on during play and share how we can best support and offer purposeful, meaningful learning.                 

Training Certificates will be provided. 

Contact Karen at kpaskiewicz@itcacton.org for more information, register online here, or download a registration form to mail in here.

A look at the session lineup: 

  • Session 1: Image Of The Child: Curriculum Begins With Knowing 
  • Session 2: Responsive Caregiving Is Our Curriculum 
  • Session 3: Materials And Their Purpose: Staples Of Our Curriculum 
  • Session 4: Loose Parts For Play 
  • Session 5: A Tree For Infants: A Puddle For Toddlers 
  • Session 6: It Takes Time and Space and Patience   

See attached Packet for detailed descriptions of each program and registration information. 


ITC offers an in-depth observation program for educators.  This morning program from 9:30 to 11:30, arranged at a mutually agreeable date, allows educators a chance to tour ITC, to observe in a classroom and to ask questions and discuss issues and ideas.  The program includes:

  • Tour of ITC
  • Observation time in a classroom
  • A discussion with an ITC administrator

All visits are $25 per person.  To arrange a visit or for more information, contact Kathy Linnane at 978-263-2064 for email us at info@itcacton.org.