When ITC opened its doors in 1981, we could hardly imagine we'd be sharing our vision for 2019. Many of our original parents are now grandparents, and children who we first cared for have had children of their own. We're fortunate to have such a rich, deep history with our ITC families. 

The longevity of our practice, our staff, and our center is owed to the people who have believed in it from the start. Whether you've championed us with a smile and fond memory, an endorsement to family or friend, or through financial support - we thank you.   

In the last year, perhaps the most important and visible impact of your support has been a renewed commitment to dreaming big as we now accommodate over 100 students and a 40-person staff. The Annual Appeal allowed us to push the bounds of our carefully crafted budget and fulfill several visions. Teachers in the 2-3 year old room long dreamt of a water pump on the playground to challenge children’s gross motor skills, engage them in the science of it, and simply enjoy beloved water play. A wish, $100, and labor from a loving Dad, remind us how quickly we can make palpable changes to our curriculum and our children’s daily experience.

Other, larger projects were also completed - like a full renovation of the Teacher Conference Room, which is now filled with vibrant light and organized supplies allowing our teachers a place to recenter and collaborate. We also installed permanent gardens in front of the farmhouse. A retaining wall helps fight erosion and keeps children safely inside the gardens while they plant, tend, and harvest from Spring to Fall. You'll read about (and see) more updates in the upcoming Annual Report. If we don't have your email, reach out to so we don't miss an opportunity to share this with you. 

We have long-term dreams of even more nature, including playground updates to support our continued commitment to outdoor play, exploration and education. We dream of additional natural elements integrated into our campus, and know that through hard work and imagination, we can make those dreams reality -- in the same way we grew from a small basement into our current home.  A lot can change in 38 years, but what has always remained true is ITC's passion for its families and purpose in the community, and our belief that you can achieve your dreams.   

We appreciate your continued support of our center, our staff, and our community. Annual Appeal donations are welcome by check via the enclosed envelope or online at our online giving portal. Product donations through our Amazon Wish List are also welcome year-round. 

As always, thank you for your continued support of ITC.